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1 video and 3 cutting edge audio programs and a special report from Michael Yardney – Real Estate Specialist

Michael is Australia’s leading expert in Wealth Creation through property, including a video explaining how to avoid the most common mistakes made by property investors, to help you along the road to developing financial freedom by building your own property investment business. These 4 programs are valued at over $185.

2 Special Reports and a free podcast subscription from Louise Bedford – Sharemarket Expert

Louise is one of Australia’s leading share market trading expert and best-selling author with four books on the sharemarket. She is giving you two Special Reports to help you kick anxiety and fuel your profits in the sharemarket, plus a free podcast subscription to our weekly trading show called ‘Talking Trading’.

2 video interviews and 1 audio programs from Kevin Turner – Real Estate Expert

Kevin is one of Australia’s most respected radio personalities, interviewers and property market experts. His unique insights can be applied to any peak performance endeavour. Kevin is giving away access to videos featuring Cherie Barber from Renovating For Profit and Margaret Lomas from Destiny Financial Solutions and Sky TV, plus an audio podcast with Brad Beer from BMT Tax Depreciation.

Video, eBook, audio training and checklists to become an Online Tribal Business Leader from Janet Beckers – Entrepreneur

Multi-award winning entrepreneur, Janet Beckers transforms entrepreneurs with a message to share into Tribal Business Leaders Online. She is giving away her Online Tribal Business Leader Quick Start Kit. Get crystal clear on the steps you need to take, in the RIGHT ORDER, to quickly build your lifestyle business and position yourself as a Tribal Business Leader Online. Includes video, ebook , audio training and powerful one-page action checklists personalised for each of the 4 entrepreneur types.

1 Audio download worth $97 and 1 chapter from his latest book from Nhan Nguyen – Property Expert

Nhan Nguyen, co-author of “Property Millionaire” book and “The Property Investing Formula”, is an established speaker and avid property investor / developer. He speaks on Property Investing, Property Developing and No Money Down Deals. He is giving you his free Audio Download “How To Make 10 Years Income In 6 Months” Valued at $97, Plus a Free Chapter from his latest book with Jennie Brown “The Property Investing Formula” and more.

2 hours of video training and 1 chapter from his book CFDs Made Simple by Ashley Jessen – Trading Expert

Having traded the markets for over 14 years, Ashley Jessen has a real passion for teaching people how to take advantage of the volatility in the markets. He helps traders build positive expectancy, robust trading systems. He has put together 2 hours of video training to help traders of all levels build robust trading systems and understand how to move from an amateur to professional trader. Plus you will receive Chapter 7 of his book ‘CFDs Made Simple’ published by Wrightbooks.

1 video and 1 eBook from Ken Raiss – Accounting Expert

Ken is a regular speaker at property education workshops and features on Fox TV. He is the Managing Director of Chan & Naylor – Australia’s Fastest Growing Accounting, Finance & Wealth Advisory Group. Ken is passionate about property investing and small business. He is giving you his 23-minute video called ‘Whose name to put on the contract?’, Ken unpacks most of the pitfalls people encounter when buying property in their personal name, in a company or a standard trust. Plus, you’ll also receive Ken’s E-book called The Five Essentials to the Acquisition of Property.

Free 1 hour webinar from Scott Bywater – Author and Direct Response Expert

Scott Bywater is one of Australia’s leading direct response copywriters, and the author of Cashflow Advertising. Discover in this one hour webinar – how to place your first ad on Facebook, and how to find little niches and target markets for your product, as well as the easiest way to split-test your landing page. Plus find out where to get perhaps the cheapest pay per click leads online, and much, much more.

1 PDF copy of his bestselling book from Chandler Bolt – Entrepreneur

Chandler Bolt is a young hustling entrepreneur who ran $320k in businesses by age 20. He’s written 3 best-selling books and he now works with aspiring entrepreneurs, speakers & coaches to help them go from book idea to bestseller in 3 months through his online training program, Self-Publishing School. You’re getting a PDF copy of Chandler’s bestselling book “Book Launch”. This book reveals the formula Chandler has used to help dozens of people write & successfully publish their first book. “Book Launch” is itself a best-seller, having stayed on top of the charts at #1 in Entrepreneurship & in Creativity.

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